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Privacy and cookies


The club respects all rules of confidentiality. We do not pass on any personal data to third parties. Members can exchange data with each other. If you have provided us with data in previous years, only the e-mail address will be saved in the data. This is needed to create the link so you can login.

If you are logged in, different rules apply. The laws of each country are different. After signing up, club members are responsible for general internet usage, viewing or reading content, and surfing behavior.

Change of Government regulations

When the rules of Internet use change, it has consequences for every site. Changes like minimum age already apply to Pages. It can sometimes seem strange because even within EU countries the rules are not clear or differ

Club membership

All media, texts and statements on the website are the property of the association. Nothing may be used without permission. IP addresses can be used to track usage. Any form of abuse will result in immediate termination of club membership.